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Hi this is Ash and basically if you're here I hope you like SanjixUsopp One Piece. I post art here and reblog things relevant to my interests. Don't worry, I keep everything tagged for your convenience. I like other things too.....it's just..one piece is so important. *cries into hands* and my o t p

Here's the source for the art I'm using in my theme. Relish in it. Absorb it. LOVE IT.

I'm in the process of moving! I'm trying to save up everything I can to meet my goals, mostly through sales from my store, but if you're feeling generous and would like to donate a buck or two, I'd really appreciate it a bunch.

Barnaby wig test #?????


Okay after buying two wigs and hating them and buying a third and flat ironing it… I made an attempt at curling it back up… 

im not 100 percent about it and honestly for Barnaby I have a lot of work to do from the waist down but I am happier with this new wig thing than I have been with any other one so far. I went for more of a natural curl and if i so wish I probably can make them a bit curlier but I feel like that wold be putting it back to the way it was… 

I also broke down and got green contacts.. soooo here we are..


ScreECH the online app for tumblr sucks butts I reblogged the last one all wrong god ok YOU LOOK GORGEOUS OK is all I’m trying to say haha. Like..you’re one of the best ok.