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Unpopular Opinion: Hetalia


China would actually be one of the hardest characters in the series to get into a relationship. He’s been alive for such a long time, and been hurt by so many people (not necessarily romantically), that getting into a serious lover’s relationship would be a hard thing for him to manage. 

He would deny wanting to have a relationship for anyone for months even possibly years, no matter how hard the person chased him. His mindset is that if someone wants him badly enough, they’ll chase after him until he caves, if they don’t want them that bad, then he’ll be able to run away from them.



Just some vent art because I’ve been crying all day and need to store my upset somewhere.

Somewhere in my whirl of upset I got to wondering if Kotetsu suffers from the problem I’m having right now. Where I try my best to comfort others and put all of my effort into it only for it to feel…useless? That I’m not really helping at all and I’m being annoying and meddling…and..invasive? Not only that, but who does Kotetsu count on when he’s upset? Does he even have anyone that returns him those same feelings of comfort? Maybe when he’s upset he finds that he only has himself to count on. That and he probably never tells anyone he’s upset because he doesn’t want people to feel like they “owe” him one or something I guess…at least that’s how I feel. He probably never tells Barnaby that he’s upset because he doesn’t want to make him worry or feel like it’s something he did… ._.;

I feel like that’s exactly how he is. He’s this pillar figure; someone you know will always try his best to be there for you when you’re down but at the same time, he never really let’s his own worries fall on anyone else. We’ve already seen how badly that habit of his can get in the series. He just doesn’t want to feel like a burden to anyone so he always brushes off his own problems in lieu of everyone else’s.

The more I think about it, the sadder I get, really, ‘cause this is kind of a headcanon for me about him and I often worry Kotetsu’s a lot more worn down than he lets on.

Yes, you nailed it right on the spot. That’s my exact headcanon for him as well. ;__; So I imagine he has really bad nights where everything just kind of crashes all at once and he cries himself to sleep or something. q__q; I also wonder if this kind of thing is one of the major and only few flaws in Kotetsu’s and Barnaby’s relationship. Where Kotetsu will hide his feelings and Barnaby will get highly concerned that Kotetsu is hiding everything from him. Then that concern will turn into worry and upset…and in turn Kotetsu will feel even worse to cause Barnaby to have those feelings. A NEVERENDING CYCLE OF WORRY. ;__;





C-can’t tell if being trolled or not….

No, it’s totally canon. Sweden messed around with America’s mother, got her knocked up, left her, fucked Denmark, punched his lights out, made Norway his bitch, hit on Iceland, then proceeded to try to woo Finland. And then Finland developed Stockholm Syndrome and fell in love with him but Sweden left because he fears commitment.

Don’t hate the playa.

Hate the game.


Holy christ I love you

oh my god

He’s a playa because no one can handle Sweden’s swag. No one.

I very much agree with this headcanon u w u