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Hi this is Ash and basically if you're here I hope you like SanjixUsopp One Piece. I post art here and reblog things relevant to my interests. Don't worry, I keep everything tagged for your convenience. I like other things too.....it's just..one piece is so important. *cries into hands* and my o t p

Here's the source for the art I'm using in my theme. Relish in it. Absorb it. LOVE IT.

I'm in the process of moving! I'm trying to save up everything I can to meet my goals, mostly through sales from my store, but if you're feeling generous and would like to donate a buck or two, I'd really appreciate it a bunch.

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Let’s test your sexuality!











I got a four, what did you get?

I got a 6, lol.

I got a 6

6 lel

X - Non Sexual

0: Exclusively heterosexual.

4 - Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual.

yep that sounds about right 

X - Non Sexual!


What the shit that’s not an answer

How do you answer those questions wrong?

3-  Equally heterosexual and homosexual. 

I guess that makes sense tho.

So I think it’s about time I say hello and welcome to a grand total of 702 new followers. I just don’t know what to do with all of you. And by “you” I mean everyone following me as whole. Thank you all so much!

You make me wanna dust up my theme and finally add that about me page I keep putting off cause I’m sure I’m still a bit of a mystery of sorts.

Art’s been slow for the past couple of months according to my art tag, but lately it’s been picking up since I’m slowly climbing my way out of this depressive slump I’ve been in all this time. I’m thinking it’s all the online store business that’s keeping me busy and the goals I’ve set for moving that’s helping. Cause like after a few hours of working on putting merch together and packing stuff I’m just like “ok but I really wanna draw now.”

I mean, because that’s exactly what’s happening right now. I wanna get back to work on that print I’m almost done with, but I gotta get these packages out of here before 4pm today.

Mmmm, not only can I just have one look at this person’s gallery and know exactly what old art of mine they “referenced”, but they’ve taken the colors of my characters and slapped them on like adoptables and sold them. (Some of which I was actually gonna put in my design sale too, not like..it matters since I was gonna revamp them before they were sold.)

Not even just you know…the “colors” but like, the actual design. I’m not enraged?? I’m just..laughing. A lot. Like uh, do you really think that’s a good idea??


If I were at my PC, I’d upload the originals right here and now haha. But I can’t, I’m on Rae’s ipad right now. There’s more in their gallery that are instantly recognizable as well.

Here’s an overlay someone already did.


By all means, trace and reference until your heart is content, but like…making money off it? That’s definitely not alright.

  • Me: what am I gonna get out of this
  • Rae: oh I dunno Usopp YOU WANT A BLOW JOB OR SOMETHING??

  • Rae: Well I have to go change my pants, I'm all soaked and wet.
  • Me: My bad.

I’m spending the next two or so days with Rae and the first thing she does is drag me to the mall and spends $70 on my little pony stuff at hot topic

Well..I wasn’t expecting people to signal boost that last post, but thanks. I really do appreciate it, and the kind messages I’ve gotten too. Even though they’re just words of support, those are just as good too.

when friend is sad

I don’t get sad

I get very angery at whoever is causing said sad

hello yes where can I enlist as a security guard of friend feelings -pulls out nerd blaster gun- I’m a professional.