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Hi this is Ash and basically if you're here I hope you like SanjixUsopp One Piece. I post art here and reblog things relevant to my interests. Don't worry, I keep everything tagged for your convenience. I like other things too.....it's just..one piece is so important. *cries into hands* and my o t p

Here's the source for the art I'm using in my theme. Relish in it. Absorb it. LOVE IT.

I'm in the process of moving! I'm trying to save up everything I can to meet my goals, mostly through sales from my store, but if you're feeling generous and would like to donate a buck or two, I'd really appreciate it a bunch.

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holy shit it’s not homestuck

casually draws hetalia otp =w=


i wanted everyone to know my initial reaction to this picture


I don’t know that this can’t reblog,I‘m really stupid  /w.

Thank you miss Iraya   XD


KumaHiyo Box






knOW or I’ll die

like literally die

actually dying


Here’s everything I got from AFO that I felt like sharing. Especially the little prucan pic I got from Caitlin! It made me so happy. ;u; I love getting little things like that, they make me the happiest. <333

Idk what I got myself into with that Tiger figure though hjgsdfsd it’s gonna take MONTHS to put it together. 


for ash because shes a beautiful person

Everything Brid does is beautiful jgsdfsdgfsd THAT COMMENT IS TOO MUCH FOR ME wHWEH

Here’s what I accomplished while laying in bed all day. I needed to cheer myself up I guess



“I had a bad dream, can I…come sleep with you?” 

I wrote another ficlet for Ash’s art :D
Here’s a link :) http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8284243/1/Bad_Dreams_and_Cuddles

AHHHHHHH hghhhhhhhhhhhh oh my god ;W; that was the cutest fluff ever. I wanna draw more to it ughhh. I find it amazing that people wanna write stuff to my art. Thank you so much! <3 It was an enjoyable read! 

you guys

read it NOWWW 

Anonymous asked: Once upon a time Prussia touched Canada's butt. THE END

Here let me rewrite that for you.

A story about how Prussia touched Canada’s butt.

Dim rays of pale moonlight crept silently between the sills of the tall bedroom window, gently highlighting small sections of the bedroom and sweeping delicately across the bed that occupied it’s chambers. Coating it similarly like that of frost on grass on a first winter’s day.

 The sounds of sweet slumber could be heard at this hour. Several to be correct. Everyone within this Canadian household was sound asleep, or rather, should be. As silly and parent-like it was of him, Canada made sure that everyone went to bed at a decent time. It is only practical that one should get enough hours of sleep.

A faint sound of timed chirps could be heard. “Chirp…chirp…chirp.”  and a low grumbled mess of snores and small whimpers could also be recognized from the mass of white fur that took it’s place at the foot of the queen sized bed. Among this symphony of sweet slumber, the faint murmurs of heavy but sound breathing could be heard as well, but barely. It was coming from under a pile of golden curls that were covered with a soft, yet heavy quilted blanket that was covered in an array of patterns and patches.

In the abyssal dark that seemed to engulf the parts of these chambers that the beams of moonlight utterly dismissed without a care in the world was a minuscule shimmer of red. A faint red it was, almost of wine instead of glistening rubies. 

In these shadows laid a body of an old soldier. This soldier was one who rarely slept, for his long years and centuries on the battlefield trained him to not even think about sleep since his very life depended on it. He was still capable of sleeping, however, but it was very little and rare for him to do so. He preferred cat naps, which he delightfully indulges himself in his later years now that his times of war are over. At least when his body allows so.

Because of this, our old soldier, Prussia, lies awake at night whilst the others take part in their peaceful slumber. He likes to think that he makes the perfect watch for the household even though there is rarely a threat or harm that comes this way. It still doesn’t hurt to be alert, it was only in his nature to be just that. At least he knows when that loudmouthed American, dumb frog of a Frenchman or sassypants of a Brit is coming this way. 

Prussia stretched his arms and rolled to face his Canadian that laid soundly next to him. He had just finished reading a book that Canada recommended to him. He’s always doing that for him since he acknowledges his little “insomnia” problem, so what better to do than read? It’s getting to the point though where Prussia may have to invest himself in a library card since he’s just about read all of Canada’s books, which is saying something since Canada practically has his own library in his household.

Prussia sighed, it was a sigh of boredom and nothing better to do. He turned over to glance at the alarm clock. “3:06 A.M.” the clock shone brightly in red. He was beginning to grow restless from not having anything to occupy his mind. So he turned back over to face Canada. He snuggled up to him to touch his nose with his. He then gave a pout when he wasn’t given a reaction. 

"Psst…psst! Mattie…Mattiiieeeeeee…!" Prussia chanted as he began poking Canada’s cheek over and over again.

Canada hissed as he threw open one eye half way. He yawned. “Augh…yes Gil? This is the third time you’ve woken me up tonight.”

"I’m sorry…it’s just, I finished the book you gave me to read and now I’m bored! You should play with me!" Prussia beamed.

Canada sighed. “You finished that book already? That book was 800 pages long and you’re done?” he emphasized. Canada gave long books to Prussia to read in the hopes of him getting bored and falling asleep.

Prussia shook his head and gave a small whimper, bumping his head against Canada’s.

"800 pages is nothing for me, you should know that by now Mattie!"  Prussia grinned, getting more and more excited to finally have some sort of interaction instead of lying in bed and staring into space.

These nights were becoming more and more normal for these two. Matthew was experiencing less sleep and turning into an insomniac because of the German addition to his household. He couldn’t tell if it were for the worst or for the better, but at least he wasn’t lonely anymore.

Canada smiled and turned over to huddle up against his Prussian.

"I suppose I shouldn’t have underestimated you then…alright Gilbert, what do you want t—"

And before Canada could finish his sentence, he felt two firm hands grasp him right on the ass.

"BUTT." Prussia yelled as he began cackling and squeezing Canada’s butt.

Canada screeched and found himself tumbling across the bed and onto the floor as an immediate reaction to his ass being grabbed.


Hey all you PruCan fans

I just became a co-admin of FyeahPrucan! and uh,if you’re not following it you should totes be doing that right now. I’m pretty sure I will updating this on a regular basis…so idk, feel free to contribute to the blog?? Fics, fanart, cosplay photos, headcanons, etc. Anything’s welcome! :D


Annnnd, my PruCan version of the cuddling! I also had really short speed pain-like clips of drawing these, but I’m not entirely sure what to do with them;; 

awwwuuuu ;W;


Long time no Yaoi.
I’m turning hetero nowadays and draw mostly girls and sexy stuff.
So I should get back to the hands of yaoi! Wahaha.xD

hjgsdbsdluuhhabubububububububububuuuuuuuu QuQ I can’t handle this..


Ill ship the in the afterlife 

All artwork belongs to respectful owners, none of these belong to me.

a-aha—ahhhhhhhhhh AHHHH THE NOISES I’M MAKING WHILE SHIVERING AND crying all at the same time.

I…I just …. /hugs laptop forever